Archistories 111221 Saltbox Barn | Red Kit

Archistories 111221 Saltbox Barn | Red Kit
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Archistories 111221 Saltbox Barn | Red Kit
The Saltbox Barn
Footprint approximately (before extensions) 2 1/2" x 2 3/4"
Ztrack and Archistories have teamed up for an all new US kit! Nothing is more Americana than the look of a country barn. It defines rural America. We wanted to bring this look to your Z scale layouts with a kit that has unprecedented detail and quality. The kits represent to-scale larger barns. Each barn kit features:
Weathered and etched board siding
Hand airbrushed advertising
Real rusted roof (each one is unique)
Optional add-on extensions
All parts are pre-colored. No painting required
Detailed instructions
And what's even better, we have two versions to offer each with its own set of colors based on actual prototypes!

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